About Sanas

Team Sanas with our patent
Team Sanas with our patent
Founded in 2020, Sanas is a Silicon Valley pioneer with patented real-time AI speech understanding technology. We believe in fostering kinder, more compassionate communication through innovations like real-time accent translation and noise cancellation. Our flagship product creates studio-quality environments for elevated agent-customer interactions.
Sanas is spearheaded by an exceptional trio of co-founders: CEO Maxim Serebryakov, CTO Shawn Zhang, and COO Sharath Keshava Narayana. The company's strength is further amplified by its advisors and team members, who rank among the world's best speech scientists, machine learning engineers, marketers and customer care experts. 

Company Milestones


An Idea Among Friends

Stanford student, disillusioned by a contact center job, shares his experience with friends upon his return. Fellow students Max Serebryakov, Shawn Zhang, and Andrés Pérez Soderi start building Sanas.


First Movers

Seed round funding from General Catalyst, Human Capital, and Quiet Capital launches the world’s first real-time accent translation technology. Sharath Keshava Narayana joins as a co–founder.



Insight Partners leads $32M series A round with Google and Assurant Ventures; all seed investors also participate.


More Users in More Cities

5,000 contact center agents across 25 cities using Sanas daily.


Patent Granted

Sanas is granted broad patent for real-time accent conversion AI technology (USA & India). The latest model is released and used by over 30,000 contact center agents and counting.

Team Leadership

Sanas team leaders

Max Serebryakov

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CEO & Co-founder

Max Serebryakov, co-founder and CEO of Sanas, is a Stanford-educated engineer dedicated to inclusivity. After witnessing accent bias against a friend, he founded Sanas to ensure every voice is heard and understood. Today, Sanas’s Real-time Accent Conversion technology champions diverse voices and dismantles communication barriers worldwide.
Sanas team leaders

Shawn Zhang

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CTO & Co-founder

Shawn Zhang, co-founder and CTO of Sanas, leverages his engineering expertise from Stanford’s AI Lab to pioneer AI-driven solutions. Inspired by a friend's experience with accent bias, Shawn co-founded Sanas. His leadership in AI research and development ensures Sanas’s technology transforms global communication to be more inclusive.
Sanas team leaders

Sharath Keshava Narayana

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COO & Co-founder

Sharath Keshava Narayana, co-founder and COO of Sanas, brings over 20 years of enterprise software sales experience and AI expertise. A serial entrepreneur and prolific investor, he co-founded Observe.AI and invests through Carya Venture Partners. Sharath is committed to driving technological innovations and fostering global communication.
Sanas team leaders

Sabina Zaeimian

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Sabina Zaeimian, Financial Controller at Sanas, ensures the company’s financial health. Her expertise in financial planning, analysis, and strategy drives Sanas’s growth and sustainability. Sabina’s meticulous approach supports Sanas's mission to revolutionize global communication through innovative technology.
Sanas team leaders

Ishita Matharu

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Director of Marketing

Ishita Matharu, Head of Marketing at Sanas, excels in strategic marketing and brand management. With experience at Google Cloud and Yahoo Small Business, Ishita amplifies Sanas's mission globally. Her leadership ensures Sanas builds a strong, recognizable brand in the AI space.
Sanas team leaders

Marty Sarim

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Marty Sarim, President at Sanas, brings over 25 years of expertise in call center and enterprise communications. Renowned for his innovation and trailblazing, he started his career at a collection agency and quickly rose to CEO of global BPOs. Marty also serves as a Bay Area start-up advisor and board member.
Sanas team leaders

Monal Patel

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SVP of Product

SVP of Product and Customer Success at Sanas, has over 20 years of experience in strategic product, engineering and account management. Formerly at Datto and Unbxd, Monal excels in building fast growing products and strong client relationships. His dedication ensures Sanas delivers quality products so customers are empowered, maximizing value and success.
Sanas team leaders

Anant Singh

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VP of Global GTM

Anant Singh, VP of Global Sales at Sanas, has a proven track record in international business development and revenue growth at companies like Observe.AI and Akamai Technologies. Anant specializes in strategic partnerships, and his leadership drives the global expansion of Sanas's cutting-edge Accent Conversion technology.
Sanas team leaders

Ashish Kanoongo

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VP of Customer Success, GM for India

Ashish Kanoongo, VP of Customer Success and GM for India at Sanas, excels in client relationship management and retention, demand generation and large business functions. Coming from Observe.AI, Happay, and Unbxd, Ashish’s strategic approach helps ensure client success, and his leadership supports the expansion and effectiveness of Sanas’s innovative technology.

Board Members

Sanas board memebers

Ganesh Bell

Manager Partner Insight Partners

Sanas board memebers

Ram Gupta

Senior Executive & Independent Board Member

Sanas board memebers

David Greenbaum

Partner Quiet Capital

Visionary Partners