Breaking Barriers, One Conversation
at a Time

We’re on a mission to create a kinder, more understanding world by transforming the way we communicate with one another. 

More than a Company,
A Movement

Moved by the personal experience of a friend, our co-founders set out to reduce accent-based discrimination and increase job opportunities around the world.

The Sanas founding team sought to break down communication barriers through real-time speech understanding AI. (And that friend? He’s at Sanas too, evangelizing its benefits around the world.)

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Preserving Cultural Identities

At Sanas, we believe it’s vitally important for users to retain their native accents, and we proudly build our technology on that guiding principle. With Sanas, users can speak naturally, and simply turn on the technology to modulate their accents for clarity.

As the world becomes more globalized, more people in more countries will benefit from technologies like Sanas. English has become the most commonly spoken language in the world, with over 160 dialects among 1.5 billion speakers.Recognized globally as the language of business, technology and diplomacy, speaking English has become a highly valued skill, and Sanas will help the world speak with confidence and clarity while retaining their native accents.


people who speak English and everyone has an accent

3 to 1

ratio of non-native to native English speakers


international organizations who conduct operations primarily in English

In His Own Words

Raul Garcia Letona was a Stanford engineering student, called home to Nicaragua to help his family. There, he faced accent-related discrimination and harassment at his call center job, despite being highly competent at resolving issues for his customers. Hear Raul tell his story. 

There’s an array of tools and filters that let us choose how we present ourselves to the world. But they’re limited to our appearance, there was nothing for how we sound. We wanted to change that to give people more control over their personal identities.

Max Serebryakov, Shawn Zhang & Sharath Keshava Narayana
Sanas Co-Founders
Sanas lpgp